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We Carry the Talents of the Turkish Defence Industry Abroad With Our Export Achievements

In international projects, of which we are the prime contractor, we also ensure the exportation of the capabilities and products of our domestic companies

As Savunma Teknoloji Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. we operate in the fields of engineering, technology and consulting under the leadership of T.R. Presidency of Defence Industry Administration (SSB). By undertaking critical tasks in the national projects of our Turkish defence industry, we provide a wide range of products and services, including military naval platforms, autonomous systems, cybersecurity, satellite and radar technologies, command & control systems, certification and consultancy. In line with the 2023 vision of our Presidency, we aim to increase our exports to 50 percent and become one of the top 50 Defence companies in the world.

Even without a shipyard, STM is Turkey’s largest naval design company and the largest exporter in this field with its design capability and the white-collar employees. The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker that we designed for the Pakistan Navy is one of the largest defence export projects of the Turkish defence industry. Again, our commitment for modernizing Pakistan’s Agosta 90B submarines also shows the competence of the Turkish defence industry and STM in submarines, which is the most complex and strategic platform of the world. We also operate abroad with our autonomous drone systems and cybersecurity activities for overseas markets.

We develop collaborations in our defence industry by including our domestic industry and the defence industry companies. We also ensure the exportation of capabilities and products of our Turkish companies in international projects, of which we are the prime contractor. With the mission we take, we will continue to offer niche, innovative products and systems to the world markets.

General Manager of STM Murat İkinci

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