In the 2019-21 period, our Council held events aimed at informing our domestic and foreign stakeholders about both the pandemic and the healthcare sector.

In the first quarter of 2020, we held the “Market Entry, Pricing and Investment Opportunities of Pharmaceutical and Biochemistry Companies in Türkiye-Germany” event in cooperation with NRW.INVEST Germany and Dentons Global Venture Technology. Our Council organized events as a result of the increase in local and global medical needs due to the closures caused by the pandemic and responded to the special requests received via official and unofficial channels. In this context, we held events with Bahrain, Togo, Oman, Mozambique, and Cuba, and evaluated the cooperation opportunities for the pandemic period.

In the first quarter of 2021, the “Healthcare Technology Solutions from Finland for the Turkish Healthcare Sector” webinar was held in cooperation with Business Finland and our Council. In 2021, meetings were organized with Venezuela, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Hungary, Cuba, and Senegal in order for encouraging cooperation and investment in the fields of medical tourism, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical industry. During the visit of the Azerbaijani social security institution to Istanbul, the contribution of the Turkish healthcare system to the newly established systems was discussed, while Chinese companies Benin came together with Turkish private sector hospitals in cooperation with Turkish Airlines and a meeting was held on receiving the healthcare services they need from Türkiye.
In addition to all these international meetings, the pandemic, sectoral problems, and solution proposals were evaluated through meetings we held with our members regularly every two weeks.