We Should Surprise Our Metabolism From Time to Time

You can accelerate your metabolism by adding some foods and drinks to your diet

Losing weight is not always about reducing calories. If you have a slow metabolism, you may not achieve the desired results from the diet applied. So how do we accelerate our metabolism?


The more active you are, the higher your metabolic rate. Standing up regularly, walking around or basic tasks such as housework will create a great difference in the end. In addition, experts recommend regular exercise for people that want to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. One reason for this is that regular exercises accelerate the metabolism. On the other hand, working actively on your feet instead of sitting at a desk, increases the number of calories burned by 16 percent. A study showed that a person, who was on his feet in the afternoon, burned 174 more calories than a person sitting did.


Shock diets, which have recently become popular and have a rapid effect, cause a decrease in metabolic rate. Therefore, weight gain continues and even increases when these diets are discontinued.


Various studies showed that drinking water leads to an increase in burned calories. Water also regulates our metabolism by contributing to the regular functioning of our body systems. Drinking cold water has a bigger effect than warm water.


Inadequate sleep slows down the metabolism and increases the risk of weight gain. A study showed that the metabolic rate of adults that only slept for four hours for five consecutive days decreased 2.6 percent. If we do not have enough time to sleep, we cannot make enough use of the hormones synthesized during sleep. This may create a problem in the proper functioning of the necessary body mechanism for weight loss.


In addition to irregular meal times, it is also thought that eating on foot is a cause for a slowing metabolism. It is also known that eating the same food every day or consuming the same type of food may have a negative effect on the metabolism rate. Therefore, if you try to diversify your diet, you will activate one of the metabolism-accelerating factors in the long term. We should surprise our metabolism from time to time.

Dietitian Helin Atik

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